We make it powerfully simple
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Online Gift Vouchers are the highest margin item you can sell in your business. Sign up today and we'll have you selling in no time, best of all, we only get paid when you do.

Three Steps to Money in the Bank

  • Sell everywhere online
  • Voucher is emailed instantly
  • You get paid straight away

Place a Buy vouchers link on your web page and link to the page we provide. Your customers can buy vouchers at any time day and night. Instantly emailed to them for last minute gifts and its a great way for you to boost your bottom line.

It couldn’t be easier...

Meet the highest margin item you can put on your menu.

If you ever sold a voucher for your restaurant you know how great they are for business. Sign up and in 3 simple steps you will be selling vouchers from everywhere you are online. They are the perfect last minute gift that your customers will love you for!

  • Create an account in minutes to get started.
  • Brand the Voucher with your logo and restaurant details.
  • We provide a unique voucher page e.g [your_restaurant].voucher.gifts Simply direct your customers to it and the will do the rest.

Transparent Pricing

We don't make money unless you do. There is only a 5% handling fee on each voucher sale, the rest goes straight into your payment account. If you sell over 10k in a year, we'll cut our fee in half. Let's go partner!
Partner Pricing Model
5%handling fee
  • Sell Vouchers instantly
  • Customise with your own branding and logo
  • Vouchers are delivered instantly by email
  • Add Greetings for a personal touch
  • Promote your business with special offers
  • Create and send vouchers to loyal customers



Gift Vouchers have long been the gift of choice for many. By offering your customers a way to buy them online, you give them the convenience they need. Best of all, as the internet has no boarders and never sleeps you will literally be selling vouchers a round the clock to customers around the world.


One super powerful feature is a way to offer discounted vouchers. You can decide to run a special promotion and sell 100 vouchers at 20% off. Customers will jump at the chance to pay €80 for a €100 voucher. The voucher itself looks identical, but you will have full control of how many you sell and can also set some terms on how they are redeemed.


Have you ever wanted to send a little thank you to your customers? With promo vouchers you can do just that. For example create a dozen €10 vouchers in the system and then choose the customers you want to send them to. A great way to reward loyalty or to tempt some others to come back and see you again.